Epic invites your child
on a transformative journey
to discover their inner hero through:

Learning Communities

with strong editing services cultures and identities buy essay already written that provide a safe environment for students to thrive.


that tap into students’ natural desire for achievement and self-expression.

Cross-Curricular Learning

where students demonstrate knowledge and learn to be leaders.

Our Instructional Approach


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With a focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, the Epic curriculum and design thinking program empowers students to create impactful and innovative solutions for complex challenges.

Personalized Learning

Students will have choices around what is learned, when it is learned, and how it is learned. Students will work closely with teachers to define and advance their learning goals and will also engage in adaptive online programs, progressing only when they achieve mastery of the content.


Quests are interactive curriculum challenges where students apply their learning and demonstrate mastery of knowledge and leadership in creative and innovative ways (e.g. role-playing of famous historical figures or designing a space-craft that could fly to Jupiter). Epic will offer engaging quests that empower students not just as learners but also as leaders, innovators, and problem solvers. Quests are designed to foster and evaluate a deep understanding of content, ideas, and self.

Epic Graduates Will Be

    • Aware of their own heroic qualities,
    • Critical independent thinkers who know how to make informed decisions and address the problems of their immediate neighborhood and broader society,
    • Self-motivated, self-aware, and confident learners with a high level of resilience who strive for excellence,
    • Technologically and academically adventurous,
    • Powerful, culturally-competent and positive citizens of the world,
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  • Collaborative team players who can both facilitate and participate in collective efforts, and
  • Fit young people who are able to make informed choices to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.